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Corvus Fantasy Character

This was a 2022 commission to model a detailed 3D fantasy character based on a single illustration and to provide a 3D print of the resulting model. The model was modeled in Zbrush and was printed with an Anycubic Photon Mono X resin printer.

Moon Globe and Craters 

These models of the moon and lunar craters were created in 2023 for the Springfield Museum of Nature at the request of Silver Plume Exhibitions. They were 3D printed at large scale (24 inch diameter for the lunar globe) and displayed in the museum. 

Gale Crater - Mars - Ornament / Pendant for 3D printing

To create these pendants of Gale Crater on Mars, I first processed topographic data of Mars acquired by scientific missions, using The NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline. The model was then finalized in Blender and Zbrush. 

Celtic Crow Skull Pendant for 3D printing

These pendants of a crow skull ornate with Celtic-style patterns were modeled with Zbrush.

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